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Specialized Sessions

 As an EEM Advanced Practitioner, I offer advanced technique sessions. This is very deep work and would only be considered after the client’s energies have been brought into balance and an energetic relationship is fully developed between client and practitioner. The following techniques require time for energetic adjustment and integration following the sessions.

The deep nature of this work requires a preliminary discussion and assessment, so please contact me to book via the link below.

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Repairing the Basic Grid

Embedded throughout the body is a grid pattern. Dense and slow-moving, it is the foundation of the other energy systems and the innermost energy. It is like the energies skeletal system and can become broken by physical or emotional trauma. It directly supports the bones, but much more than that, a strong Grid system will support all the energies of the body.  Although we can live all our lives with a break in the grid system, repairing the Basic Grid strengthens us to fully thrive.

Once your energies are generally balanced and your vitality is strengthened you may want to discuss having grid work. Repairing the Basic Grid requires a minimum of three sessions; preparation, connection, and a follow-up session. The Grid connection session requires approximately three hours. The price is $400 CAD, which includes the follow-up session.



We are stamped by a way of being that traces to earlier experiences, family background, and genetic inheritance. This can also involve experiences prior to birth, including those in utero and possibly tracing to previous lifetimes or ancestral memories. A Regression session allows a client to recall or re-experience previous events that have shaped current patterns in a way that can heal what is not healed, and complete what is not completed. We adapt the best way we can with the residue of an unhealed past and that is why both Grid and Regression can be such great gifts to a client.

The Regression session requires approximately two hours to complete. The price is $375 CAD which includes the follow-up session.

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