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Eden Energy Medicine

Level 1 - Fundamentals Training

The path to becoming an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner!

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What is the Level 1 Fundamentals Program?

After taking the Eden Method Fundamentals training I can read books on many traditional techniques and understand them easily!

The Eden Method Level 1 Fundamentals Program is a 1-year comprehensive program that teaches the fundamentals of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine.  Students come together 4 times over the year for an intensive learning period and have time to review the material and practice the techniques between classes.

From the first class you will posses effective tools to improve your health and clear ways to apply them to your friends, family, and clients. You will gain an amazing understanding of the concepts of energetic healing. Each class builds upon the other and your toolbox will expand, giving you more and more ways to make progress with the issues you struggle with personally or in your existing practice.

A Certificate of Completion is awarded when all four classes have been attended and all written and demonstration of material competency successfully completed. Certified Level 1 Fundamentals graduates are eligible to enroll in the Eden Method Level 2 Program. Upon completion of the Level 2 program, you can apply to certify as a highly respected and effective Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner!

Kamloops classes are taught personally by Marianne. Experience the wisdom of an Advanced EEM practitioner and Innersource Certified Level 1 Fundamentals teacher! 


Conveniently located in central BC, Kamloops is one of British Columbia’s sunniest cities, making it an ideal getaway destination in any of the four seasons. Surrounded by a vast, rugged landscape offers lots of opportunities for your family to play. The city is located in the dramatic setting of mountains, river valleys, deserts, and grasslands with world-class golf, skiing, and surrounded by beautiful lakes. You’ll find excellent shopping, dining, and entertainment too!

Our classes will be held in a convenient downtown Kamloops location. TBA

Registration information

Cost and registration information

2024  class registration is now closed. New classes coming in 2025!

The tuition for the Level 1 Fundamentals Classes is USD $1195.00 per class. Tuition fees cover the classes, test supervision, mentoring, and practical exams. Some additional class materials are required.

The registration fee of $400 US is non - refundable and is returned on the class 4 fee.

Student testimonials


“What a great experience being with this group of wonderfully lovely women. The energy was so naturally safe, trusting, caring, and loving. The skills and knowledge of Marianne are top-notch very thorough and the assistant brings an enhancement we all enjoyed. I only wish more males would join these practices they are so missing out in an absolutely unimagined journey toward self-discovery and wellness.”  


“Testing with Marianne was great. Marianne makes me feel very comfortable which allows me to relax and do what I know I can rather than getting stressed out and overwhelmed as sometimes happens before tests.”


"Marianne is an excellent teacher! She really knows her material inside and out, can readily answer any question on the topic, and explains things well enough for us to understand it too.


"I love the content and feel like I am learning what I’ve always wanted to know and have been missing in my life.”


 "Marianne was excellent. She is very easy to understand and takes the time to answer our questions and help us process what we are learning.”


"I love this Foundations course! We learn more than enough to actually start using it on day one, without feeling overwhelmed with the skills and content we received. I like the way the learning and skills are layered at each class, each time building on the last class.”


"I had read the Energy Medicine book and taken the Mindvalley video course prior to taking this Foundations Class. I commented during class that I was really happy that we learned so much more during the Foundations Class than is available in the book or videos. After only class 2, I feel like I am already moving into being a highly skilled energy medicine practitioner. I would highly recommend this class to anyone!”


I did a session with a lady that has had fibromyalgia for 38 years. After learning the pain techniques in class three, I did one session on her and she wrote me back the next day saying that she hadn’t felt that good in 38 years, no pain in her back at all! That felt pretty good.